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Avoiding Internet Dating Scams


Internet dating scams seem to be getting a lot of media attention of late. New software called CyberLover has recently been discovered (according to a press release at Business Wire) that was basically created to scam unsuspecting singles out of money. Nigerian scams have now moved from email transmission to online dating sites (according to MSNBC). The U.S. Postal Service just released their newest website called FakeChecks.org, which includes a scenario called Love Losses, where a single meets someone from an online dating site just to be scammed out of thousands of dollars.

So how do you avoid being taken in by an internet dating scam? I've written an article on the subject to answer this question (Signs of an Internet Dating Scam), but am interested in hearing from anyone else who has been duped (or spotted a scam in progress) as well. What suggestions and advice would you give other singles looking for love on the internet who are wary of being scammed themselves?

Update: It seems a great many of you have had issues with internet dating scams and it saddens me to hear it - yet thankful that you can all discuss your experiences here. I urge you to:

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