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Bonny Albo

Dating Direct Down?

By May 1, 2009

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A few readers have asked me to review Dating Direct, the largest dating site in the UK, according to Comscore/Nielsen for 2008, based on average monthly unique users.

I've signed up before with Dating Direct, but could never get anywhere with it. So I left Dating Direct for a bit, thinking perhaps it was a temporary glitch. Alas, I just tried signing in - and the system isn't sending me my password. Signing up with a new handle nets me the error message, "Identification impossible. Your username/account ID or password was not recognised."

So folks, if any of you are members already and are able to access the site, feel free to either post here, or send me an email at dating.guide@about.com. Or, if anyone signs up successfully, I'd love to hear what worked for you.

May 4, 2009 at 12:43 pm
(1) Online Dating says:

Bonny, I am getting the same error message. Do they remove old profiles? Maybe doing inventory cleanup?! I can not get in with an old profile I had

May 22, 2009 at 7:24 am
(2) Cameron Sharpe says:

I got what you were saying. I really enjoy reading your posts, and the poems you add, along with what someone else wrote above. You’re welcome.

May 29, 2009 at 10:32 am
(3) Deb says:

I have spent quite a bit of time at DatingDirect in the past couple days. I was able to register as a guest and search very easily for the first few hours and then the request for payment to join started popping up frequently. I could not validate my email addy because the links to validate sent in their email were syntactically invalid. With great difficulty, I found a Webform to tell them about this glitch and they responded at my email on the site with a boilerplate message that I should consult the help section. That problem is not in the help section because I had already spent too much time looking for it. I filled out all the profile info and wrote an “about me” paragraph which was approved but when I added “I love walking” it was rejected. They rejected my copy! The “common reasons” they listed for rejecting profiles have nothing to do with anything I wrote. I think it was because I responded to the boilerplate “response” that I was expecting a real answer because the problem is DD’s in that the links are invalid and I can’t validate my addy – so how to fix this?

You cannot respond to their emails, you have to log in to read their messages to you but now I can’t log in because they have obviously blocked my log-in. I sent a request for a new password and got an interesting message – it said that they would send it to me if they recognized me – and I haven’t received it. I am SO HAPPY I did not send this outfit any money as I was poised and ready to do. I don’t know how these thousands of people can deal successfully with this site, but evidently they do. It may have been a compatibility problem between my Mac and whatever they use, or a problem between servers in the UK v. the US, I have no idea, but it has been a very eye-opening experience. I’d say they’re the Soup Nazi of the UK online dating scene.

September 16, 2009 at 10:09 am
(4) chris says:

I’ve been with dating direct for a while now and i have to say, if you’re thinking of joining, DON’T bother. Their servers are weak, the system is burdened with out of date profiles and their photo logging system is pathetic. The same tired old faces, mine included, are recycled forever…!!! Simply not enough girls is the truth and that means their revenues are down so no investment in better systems. Go to match.com, I wish I had.

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