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Should My Teenage Daughter Have Overnighters With Her Boyfriend?


Mother and daughter having an argument
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  • The mother of an 18-year-old girl who still lives at home asks:

    My teenage daughter is totally dependent on Mom and Dad. Don't get me wrong, she's looking for a job but hasn't found one yet. She's not lazy, she helps me around the house and she plans to start college in the fall. But my question is about her and her boyfriend, who have been together over two years now. Should my teenage daughter be spending the night with her boyfriend when ever she wants? She believes that because she's 18 she can do whatever she wants, and her boyfriend says outright we are 'stupid' for not allowing it. It's a constant fight in our house, and I'm terribly sad because this isn't how we raised her.

    So folks, what do you think? Should this woman's teenage daughter be allowed to sleep over at her boyfriends as she pleases? And for those of you with dating teenagers, or even older kids who still live at home - what have you done? What worked to reduce the tension, and what didn't?

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