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Bonny Albo

Have Online Dating Sites Improved Your Social Life?

By August 7, 2012

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I've been on a roll lately reading a slew of research studies that apply to singles, looking at how variations of behavior and attitudes affect the general dating public. Of course this is no easy task, and each piece I read leads to more questions.

My current fascination is with a studyundertaken by Julie M. Albright at the University of Southern California entitled, "Sex in America Online". Now the meat of the study may be of more interest to Cory Silverburg, About.com's Guide to Sexuality, but there are still some juicy tidbits Albright discovered that apply more to dating intimacy than sexual intimacy, although it would be foolish to think the two weren't related.

One of the more relevant tidbits in the study is the question regarding whether or not online dating sites improved one's social life, although this specific question's data was not presented in the study, probably because the information was used to determine other variables (i.e. whether or not the excessive use of pornography affected sexual relationships negatively). I spent a fair amount of time reading through the data to see whether or not any conclusion had been made regarding the general usefulness of online dating sites and finding a date, sex, or long term relationship - but none could be found. So I'm asking you, the readers: have online dating sites improved your social life? Why or why not?

Reference: Sex in America Online - An Exploration of Sex, Marital Status, and Sexual Identity in Internet Sex Seeking and Its Impacts. Journal of Sex Research [serial online]. 2008;45(2):175-186. Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed August 28, 2008.

August 30, 2008 at 10:54 pm
(1) Yvonne Rice says:

Bonny, I think online dating sites have improved the social lives of many thousands of people around the world for mainly two reasons:

1. When you are single your “going-out” friends list swells and shrinks depending on “who’s single and who’s now dating”.

So, unless you wish sit at home and watch TV or chat online all night on Facebook – online dating sites are a place you can meet singles within your locality and develop friendships if there is no romantic spark.

2. In days gone-by the “platonic friendship” was really a farce and most people were not interested in being “just friends” with the opposite sex.

Now however, there are so many evolved singles who understand the value of being friends with the opposite sex. As online dating sites no longer have the stigma of desperation attached to them – they are the perfect venue to foster friendships.

I’m sure many people will agree, you can meet some truly wonderful and very interesting people through dating sites – and still be friends even years later.

August 14, 2012 at 9:47 am
(2) jeannette says:

Hi Bonny,
After my husband and I parted ways a few years ago, I chose to stay single because I was busy working and raising my 2 kids, but when I was ready to start over I didn’t know how to approach online dating, and as a results made a few rookie mistakes-which I learned from. To keep others from repeating my mistakes I’ve created a website- not any website …the ultimate one-:)
dating I wanted to create a dating website that is second to none … I did…

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