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Bonny Albo

Does Love Really Last?

By March 31, 2014

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I've recently found myself fascinated with the concept of everlasting romantic love - although just writing that term makes me sound like a sappy single, instead of one truly dedicated to researching and determining if love shared throughout a lifetime really does (or can) exist. There's a lot of research surrounding the topic from a variety of viewpoints, and I've done my best to summarize it here. (see: Does Love Last?)

I can read until I'm blue in the face while the statistics swirl about in my head, and still feel confuddled as to what's what. I hope that I've been able to shed (a bit) of light on the subject in the aforementioned article, however I'd still like to hear from you, my dear readers. Do you believe that romantic love can last a lifetime? Why or why not?

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April 17, 2014 at 1:01 pm
(1) Pulseguy says:

For what it is worth…love is not something you feel for one person. Love is what you feel internally. If you are a loving person it isn’t aimed at your spouse, or your kids only. You love indiscriminately. But, differently in each area. It is love, but with a flavor aimed at your wife, love with a different flavor aimed at your kids, and the neighbours, and your friends, and your parents, and so on.

If you want love to last, you have to work on being a genuinely generally loving human. This means loving everyone, even those who aren’t being particularly nice to you.

Then….yeah, your marriage might work out.


April 17, 2014 at 5:00 pm
(2) Barbara says:

Pulseguy: Exactly!

However some people don’t believe you can stay with one mate through life. They don’t believe in love forever but why not? We love our children, parents, siblings etc forever even though it is not always a perfect relationship. What makes a spouse relationship different? Of course I am talking about healthy relationships. Abuse or something dysfunctional to your life would be a reason for it to end immediately. The divorce rate is extreme because of the view people have of its hard so lets fight until we damage us. No one seems to be able to work through what ever life has given them so they blame each other for everything. Treating each other with respect would be a good start for a lot of couples if they want to stay together forever. I am a safe house for abused women and those men have no respect women. I see a lot of relationships that do not carry respect or concern for each other even without the abuse. Its sometimes a sad dysfunctional world when it comes to relationships. Some love but it doesn’t seem to come from the right place. Your comment explains where is is suppose to come from and how it works. I wished they a
all understood that.

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