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Dating August 2012 Archive


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My First Date

Friday August 31, 2012
It's a tricky thing, defining your very first date. Was it the first time someone kissed me on the lips (grade 3 at summer camp), or when someone actually used ... Read More

Would You Leave Your Partner If They Gained Weight?

Thursday August 30, 2012
AskMen spoke to 70,000 of their male readers, asking them a slew of questions about their girlfriends, sex lives, and dating preferences. One of the more shocking results (in my ... Read More

I Don't Want To Lose Him, But He Says He Needs Space

Wednesday August 29, 2012
Toto asks: "I have been dating this guy for 5 weeks now. The first two weeks were great but by the 3rd week I began to notice that there was ... Read More

Do Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women?

Tuesday August 28, 2012
A survey published in tandem with Elizabeth Noble's novel - The Way We Were in the UK and When You Were Mine in the US - found that men fall ... Read More

He Doesn't Want Kids But I'm A Single Parent Dating Question

Monday August 27, 2012
Ashley asks: "My boyfriend told me he never wanted kids. It wasn't very surprising when he told me that his ex wife stopped taking birth control pills so she could ... Read More

Is Dating an Admitted Alcoholic a Good Idea?

Saturday August 25, 2012
Lindsay asks: "I just met this guy who seems perfect on paper. Four dates into what seemed like a fairytale and he told me that he's a recovering alcoholic. He ... Read More

Can a Player Ever Commit?

Friday August 24, 2012
From my blogging archives... make sure to read the comments for notes from Clive himself. Clive Worth, 57, found love through a UK-based online dating site after a seven-year search and ... Read More

Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

Thursday August 23, 2012
Some days, I get a kick out of how many dating questions revolve around whether or not a relationship is viable, healthy or just plain wrong. Others, like the day ... Read More

Do You Believe You'll Find Your Soulmate?

Saturday August 18, 2012
In the July 2009 edition of Cosmo magazine, 70% of their readers admitted it was important to marry their soulmate, but more that 50% of the respondents thought it would ... Read More

Does Facebook Create Jealous People?

Friday August 17, 2012
Its the age-old chicken or the egg question - what came first? And in this case, the debate is regarding whether or not Facebook creates jealous people, or attracts already ... Read More

What Night is Date Night?

Wednesday August 15, 2012
For the most part, the first dates I've gone on have taken place on any day other than a Friday or Saturday. Not because of any rule that I'd chosen ... Read More

First Date Sex

Monday August 13, 2012
I was more than a bit surprised in 2007 when a study came across my desk saying that 30% of women who'd met men face-to-face on an online dating site ... Read More

Am I Making a Big Deal Out of Nothing Dating Question

Thursday August 9, 2012
MartyMoj in the dating forums asks: Recently I asked my long term (13 year) live in girlfriend to accompany me to the local small town theatre to watch a movie. ... Read More

Are You a Professional Dater?

Wednesday August 8, 2012
I was intrigued by Online Dating Magazine's article called, "Avoid Becoming a Professional Online Dater", which discusses at length what a "professional dater" is (in the writers' opinion of course), ... Read More

Have Online Dating Sites Improved Your Social Life?

Tuesday August 7, 2012
I've been on a roll lately reading a slew of research studies that apply to singles, looking at how variations of behavior and attitudes affect the general dating public. Of ... Read More

Online Dating Virtual Assistants

Monday August 6, 2012
A recent posting on Elance asks to hire a Virtual Assistant. Not that out of the ordinary, sure. But this 'employer' is looking for a contract of a very different ... Read More

Reader Question About Dating a Younger Man

Thursday August 2, 2012
grrl_geek asks in the dating forums: My love interest (a man) is nearly 10 years younger than I. He knows that I am older, but he doesn't know exactly how ... Read More

Is There A Right Way To Ask The Moving In Question?

Wednesday August 1, 2012
Last week I walked into a local retail store and the owner struck up a conversation with me. "What do you do for a living?" she asked. When I answered, ... Read More

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