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Dating October 2012 Archive


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Using Props To Attract Someone

Tuesday October 30, 2012
I've been told on more than a few occasions that Halloween is the best time of year to meet someone. Why? Because everyone in a costume has a built in ... Read More

Why Would She Choose a Casual Relationship Over a Serious One?

Monday October 29, 2012
Scott wants to know what he can do about a woman he's recently reunited with after a 30-year absence. She can't decide between dating Scott - knowing he wants something ... Read More

Is Long Term Romantic Love a Learned Skill?

Sunday October 21, 2012
In 2002, the then-editor of Psychology Today, Robert Epstein, PhD, shared a bold, daring experiment he was in the midst of undertaking: finding a stranger to write a book with, ... Read More

What Do You Do When You Just Don't Feel It?

Tuesday October 16, 2012
Mel asks: "I've known this guy for a few months now. We spend most of our free time together, have shared numerous intimate (not sexual) experiences, and tell each other ... Read More

How Do I Ask Her Out?

Wednesday October 10, 2012
Shawn asks: "I've started college and there's a girl on my dorm floor that I really like. We don't have any classes together, but we talk all the time in ... Read More

Should You Take a Dating Break?

Tuesday October 9, 2012
Is there ever a good time to take a break from dating? In a word, yes. Sometimes our priorities change, life throws us a curveball, or we start getting bitter, ... Read More

Would You Write a Dating Reference for Your Friends?

Friday October 5, 2012
A relatively new trend in online dating seems to have taken hold. Or at least, several online dating niche sites have been launched in the past couple of years with ... Read More

October One of Busiest Months for Dating

Thursday October 4, 2012
... or at least, according to Opposites Connect CEO, Larry Wilson. An email from one of his staff shared: "Maybe it's because the holiday season is approaching and mistletoe is ... Read More

Study Shows Women In Red Increase Date Spending and Attractiveness

Monday October 1, 2012
Although most of the articles linking to the BBC's recent story that wearing red 'boosts attraction' state that attractiveness is the quality measured, the study focused more on calculating how ... Read More

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