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    Welcome to the discussion forum on Dating.

    Although your Guide is always available to answer your questions and queries, using the forum will be more beneficial since your message will reach a greater number of people. As a result, a large number of people can contribute to or benefit from the discussions. Feel free to use this forum to ask questions, express your opinion, and spread relevant information.

    Please remember, you can refer users to relevant sites, but advertisements are not allowed. Your Dating Guide will visit the forum regularly and will contribute to (and moderate) all discussions.


    Q. Are there any types of posts that are prohibited here?
    A. We will delete any spam or commercial posts. Please do not post to sell something or involve anyone in a money-making proposition - even in your signature line. Flames or rude / insensitive remarks will be removed. Users who are disruptive may be removed at the Guide's discretion.
    Q. Is this a moderated forum?
    Normally, no, although we do have several moderators that patrol the forums for trolls, answer questions and provide advice. There is also the Guide to Dating, who blogs and writes about dating-related topics, which you'll see if you read the folders at the very top of each forum page, and who also has moderator priviledges. Her name is Bonny Albo, aka DatingGrrl.
    Q. May I promote my business or website here?
    A. No. About.com Dating is a commercial site which is free to all of us because of paid sponsors. If we allow you to advertise your site or product for free, it's not fair to those who do pay to advertise on this site. Signatures and posts with commercial ventures will be promptly removed.
    Q: Are there any "rules of behavior" at this forum?
    A: Yes. They are: * No Profanity. This forum is accessible to people of all ages and sensitivities. If the word cannot be said on public broadcast television under FCC rules, then it can't be used in the Dating Forum. * No Flames. It's ok to disagree with someone's idea, but it's not alright to attack them personally. No name-calling or personal attacks will be tolerated. Remember that there are real people on the receiving end of your posts, so please be considerate.
    Q. Who will be answering the dating questions I post at the Forum?
    A. Questions may be answered by anyone accessing the board. This is a place where people help each other by sharing experiences, tips, as well as lending support and friendship.
    Q. Can I link to other Web sites?
    A. You may provide links to other sites if the information there is relevant to the discussion at hand. We also allow links to online news articles, for the purpose of informing forum members about issues relating to dating and relationships. Please don't copy and paste the entire article into your post, however. Copy a portion and provide a link to the rest of the article. This avoids any possible problems with copyright infringement.
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