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Long Distance Relationship Love Quiz Results
Losing Touch

You are both still invested in this long distance relationship, but unfortunately the distance is taking its toll. The passion you once shared for each other may be lagging, or perhaps one (or both) of you are concerned a long distance relationship is too much work. Either way, the distance has come between you, and something needs to be done as soon as possible to recapture your loving feelings towards one another.

The best solution for this long distance relationship dilemma is a visit, post haste. Whether you visit your partner or they visit you doesn't matter, but seeing each other in the flesh will help rekindle things should everything be going well otherwise. Because sometimes, it really is hard to connect with your partner when they are far away. On top of planning a visit however, it would be wise to have a couple of dates in the meantime (see: Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas). Alternatively, you can peruse the list of long distance relationship tips to see if there are more ideas to jump start things again, and review what other readers in long distance relationships have to say about what worked, and what didn't.

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