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Love Quiz: Are You Soulmates?
A Soulmates Dating Quiz

If you feel like you and your partner have made a strong connection emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, find out of you are soulmates by taking this short love quiz. For more help, try: Am I In Love?, The Love Calculator, and What Is Love?.

The first time the two of you meet, you:
act like yourself without thinking about it.
feel out the situation to see what is appropriate before doing or saying anything.
act in a manner that you know will please him/her.

While together, you:
always have something to share or talk about.
sometimes wish you were doing something else instead.
feel awkward and have a hard time connecting.

Your partner shares their plans for the future, while you:
are happy that the two of you have similar needs and wants in this regard.
understand what he/she is after - most of the time.
think that his/her ideas are fun, but unrealistic.

Your partner might have to move for work temporarily. You:
aren't thrilled that the move may exclude you, but know that its the best for the long term.
are concerned the distance will be too much of a strain on the relationship.
are scared he/she will find someone else.

Have you ever felt the desire to protect your partner from something or someone malicious?
Of course!
Not really, or no opportunity as of yet.

Your partner is definitely a unique individual. You:
think his/her traits are a part of what makes him/her so loveable.
consider whether or not his/her uniqueness is moldable.
point out what you think is negative and try to get them to change.

Do you get the feeling there is something substantial and meaningful between the two of you, even when you are apart?
Some days more so than others.
Hasn't happened yet.

When looking into your partner's eyes, you see yourself:
reflected back, smiling.
looking silly and wondering if there's something stuck in your teeth.
you don't see yourself reflected in your partner's eyes.

Do the two of you share what seems to be a form of ESP?
Without question.
Occasionally its happened, yes.
We don't share that kind of interaction.

Do you and your partner read each other's minds, or finish each other's sentences?

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