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A Complete Guide to Baby Making Sex - Fertility - About.com
When you're trying to get pregnant, especially in the beginning, you may have questions on the very basic of baby making: having sex for conception. Is there a  ...
Questions About Pregnant Sex - Pregnancy & Childbirth - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Pregnant sex can be a touchy subject between couples. The rule is to follow your desires and really open the lines of communication. Over the ...
5 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Faster - Fertility - About.com
Sep 22, 2014 ... You probably already know you need to have sex to get pregnant, and you may even know that you need to aim for ovulation to increase your ...
When Can You Get Pregnant? Best Cycle Days for Sex - Fertility
To get pregnant, you need to have sex before you ovulate, with the two to three days prior to ovulation being your most fertile days. But how will you know when ...
How to Schedule a Sex Appointment for Busy Marriages
Schedule a sex appointment for your busy marriage. If your schedules or different body clocks are interfering with your sexual intimacy, set a sex appointment ...
Your Three Trimester Guide to Pregnant Sex - Pregnancy & Childbirth
May 16, 2014 ... Pregnant sex is something you may have questions about. The body undergoes so many changes during pregnancy, and your sexuality is no ...
Does Lying on Your Back After Sex Help With Conception? - Fertility
Jul 10, 2014 ... While there's no research specifically on lying still after sex to back up the claim, there is research on the fertility treatment IUI being more ...
What the Bible Says About Sex - Christian Teens - About.com
What does the Bible say about sex? Is it good or bad. Let's take a look at the scriptures to see what God has to say on the subject.
Should Couples Take Time Out For Sex?
Daily life, children and jobs get in the way. To keep a healthy intimate bond couples need to take time our for sex.
Better Sex in Marriage - About.com
Here are suggestions for keeping the spark in your married sex life. ... interfering with your sexual intimacy, make an appointment to have sex with one another.
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