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Online Dating Acronym and Slang Terms - About.com
Trying to decipher an online dating profile? Keep this list of acronyms handy and you'll understand internet dating lingo in no time.
Acronyms - Reference - Glossary - Dating and Relationships - Slang
Deciphering acronyms, slang or terms used when speaking of dating and relationships.
Dating Terms That Start With the Letter A - About.com
Learn more about dating terms that start with the letter A, or add your own explanations and stories.
Dating Terms That Start With the Letter P and Q - About.com
Defining dating terms like pansexuality, packing a sad and many others, all starting with the letters P and Q.
Dating Terms That Start With the Letter G - About.com
Dating-related words that might trip you up, if it weren't for these handy definitions and explanations. Or, add your own take on these relationship terms.
Dating Terms That Start With the Letter H - About.com
What do these relationship words mean? Find out now or add your own ideas and suggestions.
What Is An Avatar In Dating - Definition of Avatar in Dating Terms
Learn what the glossary definition of an avatar, with reference to dating and ... A slang term used in pick up artists' lingo, to describe the persona one creates in ...
Dating Terms That Start With the Letter C - About.com
Learn what some unusual or different dating terms mean, or add your own definitions and explanations.
What Does Pash Mean - Dating Terms Defined - Pash - About.com
Defining the dating and relationship term, pash. ... The Royal Navy in the 60s used the word pash as a slang term to refer to a girlfriend that was more than just a ...
Dating Terms That Start With the Letters U, V and W - About.com
Find out what these relationship terms mean, or add your own words to the dating glossary.
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