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Flirty Text Messages - Dating - About.com
Ever sent a flirty text message to someone you wanted to date or were dating and got a fabulous response? Or, have you ever received one that wowed you?
Ideas for Romantic Text Messages - Dating - About.com
Surprise your sweetie with these romantic SMS text messages, which include whole-day celebrations of love, or simple yet unique ideas to make them swoon.
Definition of SMS or "Text" Messaging - Smartphones - About.com
The acronym SMS stands for short message service. SMS messaging allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another. SMS is also often  ...
What Is SMS iPhone Text Messaging?
SMS, or Short Message Service - is the formal name for text messaging. It's a means of sending short, text-based messages from one phone to another. Though ...
Top 6 Text Messaging Tips That Avoid Data Plans - Smartphones
This list of text messaging tips helps you maximize what text messaging can do for you without having to pay extra for Web data usage.
Cell Phone Text Messaging - Smartphones - About.com
Sometimes what you have to say can be said in a few words via text without the need for a phone call. Here we cover everything about texting you need to know  ...
Send SMS Text Messages From Gmail Video
You can send text messages from your Gmail account after enabling a few settings. Learn how to use this feature and start sending messages today!
How to Forward iPhone Text Messages
Ever get a text message that you just have to share? If the person you want to share it with is nearby, that's as easy as simply handing them your phone or ...
How to Backup Text Messages - Smartphones - About.com
The more you text, the more you may find yourself having to delete them once your ... But what if you archived your text messages online so they're saved forever?
Free Text Messages - Instant Messaging - About.com
Want free text messaging? Here are 8 ways to send and receive free text messages on your iPhone or mobile device.
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