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China One Child Policy Facts - Geography - About.com
Ten essential facts about China's One Child Policy, from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.
China's One Child Policy: An Overview - Geography - About.com
Discover the ins and outs of China's One Child Policy, designed to limit population growth in the world's largest country. All about the One Child Policy in China ...
Dinner for One - Annotated Script - German Language - About.com
DINNER FOR ONE Script: An interesting German New Year's tradition - in English.
Hole In One in Golf - About.com
What is a hole in one in golf? Here's the definition, along with some information about odds, unusual aces, and a way for you to share your own hole in one story.
Anyone and Any One - Glossary of English Usage
The commonly confused words "anyone" and "any one": definitions, examples, and practice exercises.
Use One Space Between Sentences, Not Two - Desktop Publishing
Should you put one space or two spaces after a period or other sentence-ending punctuation? Professional design and typography dictates one space only ...
Use Multiple iPods on One Computer: Management Screen
There are a number of techniques to manage multiple ipods on one computer. This article shows how to do it using the iPod management screen.
Using Multiple iTunes Libraries on One Computer - iPhone/iPod
Bet you didn't know that iTunes allows you to use more than one music library on the same computer. Learn how to do it here.
Dinner for One - A German New Year's Custom - Miss Sophie and ...
A look at an interesting German New Year's tradition - 'Dinner for One' in English and Plattdeutsch.
Everyone and Every One - Common Mistakes in English
Everyone and Every One sound similar but are very different in meaning. Everyone is used as a pronoun referring to all, every one is a phrase used to refer to ...
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