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Best Dating Sites, Book and Blog of 2012


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Most Innovative Dating Site of 2012



This was, by far, my favorite category in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards. Anyone could nominate the coolest, most innovative, unusual, daring or just plain interesting dating site - and you most definitely did. In fact, there were so many great nominations, I had a hard time breaking several ties to determine this list of finalists (below). As well, it was a hard-fought battle. Hitch.me, which connects you to LinkedIn for potential love matches, and HowAboutWe, which connects you to other folks who like your date idea suggestions, both had a lot of votes. But Soul2Match, a dating site that uses facial recognition software to determine compatibility won the most votes in the end, and this win will likely help them to further flesh out their offerings to make it not just a fun, innovative dating site to check out, but one folks actually use to meet people.

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