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Best Dating Blog 2012

Readers' Choice Award 2012 Finalists


Several weeks of nominations for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards led to these five dating blog finalists listed in alphabetical order. Learn more about each blog, vote for your favorite and debate the finalists here. The several-weeks long nomination phase closed at midnight on February 16th, 2012, with the voting period open from February 22nd to March 21st, 2012.

31 Dates in 31 Days by Tamara Duricka Johnson

Based on the book by the same name, now-married Johnson takes her readers on a tour of date ideas, stories about her and her hubby's time together, and suggestions based on the 31 day challenge as outlined in the blog and the book. Regularly published, fresh content not found elsewhere keeps readers coming back for more.

CheckMate Magazine by IvyDate

CheckMate Magazine
CheckMate is intellectual dating site IvyDate.com's version of a smarty-pants dating blog: one part art, philosophy and science from the lens of dating and relationships, with a dash of history and "the world's greatest minds". Posts like, "How Romance Can Fix the Economy," rule here, and offer regular, thought-provoking posts to bend their readers' and members' minds.

Cyber Dating Expert by Julie Spira

Julie Spira Cyber Dating Expert
Julie Spira
Julie Spira is a bit of a Renaissance woman when it comes to dating: she's an author, blogger, radio personality, and dating coach, all while having famous folks like Joan Rivers (yes, that Joan Rivers!) applaud her writing style. Spira is the only second-time nominee on this best-of dating blog list, having lost by only a small margin in 2011.

eFlirt Expert by Laurie Davis

eFlirt Expert
eFlirt Expert
If you need help crafting an online dating profile, getting someone's attention via social networking, or flirting online, eFlirt is your go-to company to start with. Davis and her team of online dating experts populate their blog often with content relating to dating, mating, flirting, gift ideas and dating sites, as well as the occasional press mention for one of eFlirt's experts in the media.

OkTrends by OkCupid

OkTrends Dating Blog
Humor Rainbow, Inc.
First off: if you're easily offended by salty language or conversations regarding sex, race or religion, OkTrends isn't the dating blog for you. For everyone else however, the folks at OkCupid sift through vast amounts of data culled from their dating site members to provide their blog readers with truly unusual, informed and oftentimes enlightening content. "The Case for an Older Woman," written several years ago, still gets a lot of traffic and discussion, although other odd topics like who has shorter relationships (people who use Twitter), and the best online dating email opener (hey!) still get traction, too.

Vote For Your Favorite!

Vote for your favorite dating blog now, and share your thoughts about which one should win, and why. Or, take a peek at my favorite dating blogs, find out who won the 2011 Best Dating Blog category or suggest your own additions to the dating blog list.

Readers Respond: Who Should Have Won The Readers' Choice Awards?

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