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Getting Back Together

Should you get back together? There are tons of tricky questions to ask and answer, as well as minefields to manage if you want to get your ex back. Learn more about the ins and outs of reconciliation, and if it's something both feasible and worth your effort.
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Should We Get Back Together Quiz
A quick quiz to determine if your relationship is salvageable or not.

Getting Back Together
A reader has just started seeing her ex again, and wants to know how she can prevent past issues from creeping back into their current relationship.

My Perfect Guy Wants Someone Else
A reader asks why her ex would go back to his ex, and if getting back together is ever possible.

Should She Get Her Ex Back?
A reader asks if her ex, who left her five months ago, should be allowed back into her life again.

What To Do When an Ex Comes Back?
What's your initial reaction if, or when, a former flame makes contact with you after an extended period away from one another?

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