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Best Dating App Readers' Choice Award 2011 Finalists


Three weeks of nominations for the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards led us to these five dating app site finalists listed in alphabetical order. Learn more about each dating app, and review any that you've used. Voting closed on March 8th, 2011, with the winners announced March 15th, 2011. Who won? Scroll down to see.

Match.com's iPhone App

Match.com iPhone App
Match.com, LLC

Almost all of Match.com's dating site features are available with their iPhone app, including one addition that isn't offered anywhere else: GPS locators, so you can see if other Match.com users are nearby and logged in. Free to use, although some features require a paid Match.com membership to access.

OkCupid's iPhone App

OkCupid iPhone App
Humor Rainbow, Inc.

OkCupid's iPhone app offers seamless integration with the website, with most of the same features and benefits as the dating site. Search for members, chat, take quizzes, email and connect with other members. No cost.

Social Connect for Facebook

Social Connect for Facebook
Social Connect

Users must have a personal Facebook account to use Social Connect, but the possibilities after installation are formidable. Millions of users, quick set up, various search methods and ways to connect with other members - such as FaveScape, where you can log into local hot spots. No cost to install or use.

Speed Date's iPhone App

Speed Date iPhone App
SpeedDate.com, Inc.

Access hundreds of thousands of Speed Date's users through it's iPhone application, which allows members to share a three minute speed date live on your iPhone. Free to download, but after the seven day trial costs $59.99 a month for anything more than basic access.

Zoosk's iPhone and Facebook Apps

Zoosk iPhone App
Zoosk, Inc.

Zoosk started off as a Facebook app in 2007, then morphed into a separate dating site that connects users through most of the big social networking sites and smart phone applications. Lighting-quick signup focuses on user photos and the under 40 set. Free to download and with limited use, but will require a subscription ($9.99-29.99) to access all the features.

Who Won Best Dating App?

Check out and see who won the Best Niche Dating Site category, and share your thoughts about which site should have won, and why.

Readers Respond: Who Should Have Won The Readers' Choice Awards?

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