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Casual Relationship Anniversary Gifts Under $20

Cheap Anniversary Gifts For Casual Relationships


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Being in a casual relationship doesn't normally mean you'll be keeping track of anniversaries or special dates between the two of you - but depending on what kind of casual dating relationship it is, you might. Perhaps you're more friends with benefits than hooking up, or are taking a break from anything heavy while one of you works through something personal. Either way, you've found this page because you need inexpensive gift ideas for your um... friend, and that's what you'll find here. Everything listed is under the $20 mark, and either fun and frivolous or steamy and suggestive. Take your pick as to which route works better for your relationship.

Unisex Cheap Anniversary Gifts For Casual Relationships

If your casual relationship is more daring and sexually-driven, try:

But if you'd rather a cheap anniversary gift that is a little more tame and maybe even a touch romantic, try:

Cheap Anniversary Gifts For Men In Casual Relationships

It won't take much to put a smile on your guy's face, especially if you keep things light and casual - kind of like your relationship. Here are some fun and unusual suggestions:

Cheap Anniversary Gifts For Women In Casual Relationships

Naughty lingerie always works if you'd like to see your buddy in something sexy, such as:

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