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Flirt.com Review

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Flirt offers subscriptions to men, and free lifetime access to women after confirming their identity, all for the purpose of flirting, chatting and hopefully meeting up in person. The site focuses heavily on the 'naughty' side of dating, although a significant number of men I spoke with had marriage as an option on their relationship profile preferences. As a woman, it was a welcoming, yet a touch overwhelming (even without pictures, I had messages flowing in minutes after signing up); the folks I spoke with said the guys outnumber the gals 25:1, or more. Still, the layout was pleasing and fun to use, and the features intuitive. Recommended, with a few caveats.

Overview from Flirt.com

"Flirt.com invites you into a thrilling world of online flirting where you can meet thousands of naughty singles and reveal your incredible flirty side."

Flirt.com Sign Up Process

Men, women and couples can easily sign up at Flirt; with a few clicks and about 30 seconds, you've created an account. Wait about 15 minutes to get the confirmation email, click on it, and you can access the site like any other non-paying member (depending on your gender - women get full, free access immediately, while men have to pay).

Once on the site, women get a good-looking guy asking them to send a message to their top 10 matches, with a pre-chosen subject line - all of which are racy and openly flirtatious. "Hey, I'm like forbidden fruit! But now you have the chance to taste me!" was one of them. There were twelve pages of details to fill out in total, which you can go through one-by-one, skip one, or skip them all. I strongly recommend reading the second one, as it involves how many emails you'll get from the site, including 'matches from other dating sites', which are mostly likely sites affiliated with Cupid plc, the parent company of Flirt.com. By skipping all but the email page, I finished 8% of my profile.

I then perused my mailbox, which after only a few minutes on the site, had two emails (one a welcome message from the site) and one admirer. Huh? I posted zero pictures, and shared nothing about myself other than my birth date. Maybe coincidence, or maybe someone really wanting "naughty time" (as he said), I've yet to join another dating site where I had such an immediate response. A few other quick, and easy-to-find features included 'naughty' mode (where you can turn viewing of nude photos on or off), Activity (a list of contacts made in your direction, be they emails, chats, winks or otherwise), and a forum. Note that, you're still going to get (constant, in my case) emails from the site every time someone even looks at your profile, unless you go to your profile name (top right corner) My Account --> Email Settings --> Change Settings. I have yet to find a way to turn off all member 'notices'.

Searching for others was a wonderful experience; I could choose by 'most responsive' (the default setting), last visit, age, and distance, as well as basic demographic information, physical characteristics, and type of relationship wanted. The layout of the search results is customizable (list or pictures), and all methods of contact available to you are within a click from the search page - you can look at their profile, however it's unnecessary if you know you want to make contact.

Unique Features at Flirt.com

While women can access all of the features of the site for free, they need to first confirm their identity. You can choose between a quick text, phone call or credit card confirmation, and then you'll need to plug in the confirmation code to gain 'free lifetime communication'. Unfortunately, the text message option was unavailable when I tried to use it.

Members can contact one another for 'photo requests', which I'm assuming means you decide if you want to share more private photos with specific people. However, the folks that contacted me through that feature only wanted to chat, so I was unable to really get a feel for how it works.

Flirt.com offers a mobile version of their website, where you can add photos, view profiles, send messages, get texts when you receive a message, and pay for your membership, all from your smartphone.

My favorite part of the site was the 'Trusted' feature, viewable on select profiles from search. Those folks have confirmed their identity (and in men's cases, paid for access as well).

Flirt.com Costs

Female members can access all levels of the site, free of charge.

Male members can sign up with Flirt.com for free, however if they want to contact anyone beyond a basic 'flirt', they'll need to pay for a membership. Costs at the time of review were listed as follows:

  • A three day trial costs £4.98;
  • A one month subscription costs £39.99;
  • A three month subscription costs £89.97;
  • A six month subscription costs £119.94.

Also, note that Flirt.com employs automatic billing, which is common practice on most dating sites. When your account gets close to running out of paid-for time, your method of initial payment will be automatically billed again at the same rate (or higher - do check the fine print when you sign up), unless you cancel in advance, in writing, with seven (7) days notice. You can also cancel your subscription by logging in and going to Account --> Billing History, then following the prompts to get a cancellation code, which you'll need to input into the website after checking for email receipt. Finally, you can cancel your subscription and ask for a refund for your full purchase price within seven days, provided you haven't used the website at all.

Flirt.com Bottom Line

Flirt is a fun, easy-to-use dating site for adults primarily looking for casual relationships. Ample members (at least in my case), decent pricing, and some unique features make it recommended, just make sure you try out the site first (check out the costs in your area, see how many users fit your wants) before signing up with a contractual billing agreement.

Ready to sign up with Flirt.com, or have you used it yourself? Buy Direct. Or, share your own experiences searching, chatting with, and meeting people below.

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Disclosure: The company did not provide free access to this service for review purposes; the reviewer paid for it themselves. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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