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Sex in the UK Review

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Sex in the UK

Sex in the UK

Amorix, Ltd.

Overview from Sex in the UK

"Whether you are looking for steamy affairs, night time pleasure or just want your sexual fantasies to come true, SexInTheUK is the best dating service for you. Created especially for people without hang-ups and those who are eager to escape from their inhibitions, our site brings together thousands of registered members."

What a Sex in the UK Membership Includes

Sex in the UK focuses on, you guessed it, casual dating relationships for consenting adults. Although most of the user base lives in Britain, people from around the world can sign up, with approximately 250,000 members in total. The site's marketing materials place a heavy focus on swingers and/or couples looking to meet up with female singles and/or couples, but I didn't find a lot of either group when I logged in. This could differ based on where you live, so search wisely during your 'standard' (read: free) membership to see who is really out there.

As for features, Sex in the UK offers the same fare as most adult dating sites. A standard membership lets you create a profile, get cell phone alerts when someone contacts you or meets your stated criteria, "flirt", and upload photos. Anything else however, including seeing full sized photos, isn't accessible until you pay. Once you do, all of the features unlock including chat, email, large X-rated photos, videos, and a sex "CV" where people can list their sexual wants, needs and previous experiences.

Notes About Sex in the UK

After browsing through Sex in the UK's Terms of Service, there are a few things I'd like to mention before moving forward with this review. Nothing I mention here is out of the ordinary, however, you'll want to review these fine print details before signing up with the service.

  • From section 2.2: "We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing and improvement of the Service. Our customer support representatives are encouraged to speak with our members and also to stimulate conversation between members by making introductions or recommendations. This is a vital part of the Service we provide. Should you wish not to be contacted in this way you can alter your preferences by visiting the 'My Account' section of this website." What does this mean? Essentially, the site can and may hire staff members just to chat with other members, to ensure that they're spending money on the site, and to make sure folks are "happy" with the services of the site. This isn't abnormal, and in fact I applaud for Sex in the UK for putting this blatantly in their TOS, but you should still know that who you're speaking with may only be a staff member, and how you can turn off this "feature" should you only want contact with members looking for real-world interactions.
  • Section 3.9.1 states that Sex in the UK can terminate your membership at any time, with only a day's notice to do so.
  • Sections 6.3.4 and 6.11.3 states that your personal information may be shared with other, third parties, unless you contact Sex in the UK to specifically ask them not to by emailing them at admin [dot] sex in the uk ][dot] com.

Sex in the UK Membership Fees

Sex in the UK offers four different kinds of memberships. The first is the standard, freebie account where you can sign up but can't do much on the site. The second offers access to the entire database of members for either £1.66 a day for three days, £24.99 a month for a month-to-month membership, or £14.99 for three months billed at once. All of Sex in the UK's membership costs are billed on a reoccurring basis, meaning that if you don't cancel in advance, your credit card will get charged automatically, so make sure you make a note to yourself before signing up if you want to cancel at any point. Also, if you sign up for the three day access plan, you'll be billed for a month-to-month plan starting on day four if you don't cancel in advance.

The two other membership options are both add-ons to the paid membership plan. One allows any member, regardless of whether they've paid or not, to contact you for and additional £3 a month, or the VIP upgrade for another £3 a month, which highlights your profile in search results.

The Bottom Line

I don't recommend Sex in the UK, for a variety of reasons. Although the interface is slick and it seems like there are a lot of active members, as soon as you pay the service the "active" members seem to disappear, and the frustrated members come out of the woodwork. I was inundated with emails my first day - normal for adult-only dating sites - but many of the emails came off as angry, argumentative or just plain rude, i.e. accusing me of being a bot, staff member, or not real in some way. Needless to say I canceled my membership, and won't return.

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