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Tummy Butterflies Reader Review

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Niki highly recommends Tummy Butterflies, a UK-based website geared towards married people looking for extramarital affairs.


From the Tummy Butterflies website: "Perhaps you are in a loveless or dead-end marriage or relationship. Your partner no longer values you. Intimacy has long gone but for many reasons you do not want to upset the apple cart. Is this you?"

From Niki, a Tummy Butterflies user: This adult dating site is for married and attached people seeking extramarital affairs; therefore everyone is very honest about their situation (as strange as that sounds). I know lots of married people use singles dating sites (I did) but it didn't really work for me. I specifically wanted someone else who was also attached, could understand my situation and was not looking to break up any families.

What a Membership Includes

Says Nikki: Customer service is very helpful and really quick to respond. I asked them for safe dating advice, and also to help me with my photos because the ones I had were too big. There is also an online chat feature so you can message support at anytime (instead of just email).

The site has no ads or popups, no smutty profiles, and no nude pictures (except the odd password protected one). Also, Tummy Butterflies requires all of its members to write a reasonable amount in their profile, so users don't have to put up with sorting through hundreds of profiles that just say, "I want a fun time..." and nothing else.

The only thing I can complain about on Tummy Butterflies is the chat system. It isn't always reliable and you have to turn on your popups to receive them."

Unique Features

Tummy Butterflies has a disclaimer on each and every one of its pages, which discusses the possible consequences of cheating on your partner and extramarital affairs in general. Tummy Butterflies also offers "Tease Cards" for free to all of its users, which are basically set of business cards listing the details of the site and how to contact the person who gave out the card in the first place.

Membership Costs

From Niki: "The site was free for me as a female, but men have to pay £119 a month to be able to chat and mail. I know some of the blokes obviously wouldn't like this, but for me it is a good way of filtering out those who are serious about extramarital affairs and those who just registered on the site for a quick thrill."

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