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Bisexual Dating Service Review for BiCafe

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
User Rating 4 Star Rating (1 Review)


BiCafe moves beyond where most heterosexual dating sites go and focuses more on the community aspect of being bisexual rather than just dating in and of itself. Plus, the site is offered in both French and English, has a large worldwide membership and offers methods of communicating with other members that no other dating site (so far) does.

Overview from BiCafe

"Looking for new friends, playmates or partners? If you want to meet real people in real life, then BiCafe is the place. Like-minded couples and singles from all over the world have been meeting each others through BiCafe since 1997."

What a BiCafe Bisexual Dating Service Membership Includes

There are three types of membership at BiCafe: free memberships, a month trial membership, and a lifetime membership.

Free memberships include a profile and the ability to view ten other profiles to see if the service is right for you.

Both the month trial membership and the lifetime membership offer the same amount of access to the site, just for differing time periods. Once paid, full access is offered to both types of users, which includes the standard set of dating features (unlimited contact through email or instant messaging, hot lists and so forth) as well as an agenda feature, event planning options, and the ability to switch the site's default language.

Unique Features of BiCafe

BiCafe is (so far) the only dating site, bisexual or otherwise, to integrate Second Life into its membership base. For those who don't know, Second Life is a virtual, real-time, 3D online world where anyone can create a persona and walk around exploring new places similarly to how they would in the 'real world'. For Second Life users, BiCafe Beach Place is where BiCafe congregates and makes its home, hosting several large parties a year and providing a safe haven for bisexuals to hang out in Second Life.

As well, BiCafe's forums are lively, well populated and monitored for abuse and misuse. Users who post a 'hot' topic earn a free month's service as well, so it literally pays to be active in the forums.

BiCafe Membership Costs

A lifetime BiCafe membership costs $29.95 USD, about $21,75 Euros or L$7997 in Second Life Dollars. A trial one-month membership costs $9.95 USD, about $7.22 Euros or L$2657 in Second Life Dollars. Note that all lifetime memberships expire if, after 90 days of trying, an email address is unreachable.

Unlike most dating sites, monthly memberships at BiCafe do not automatically renew.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
BiCafe is all it promises, Member cyberoid

BiCafe is about bi community. It has been since it's foundation years ago. It's the place for bi's to mix and mingle, online. Its staff is sincere, helpful, and to the point. Not much needs to be said about that. What's disappointing about BiCafe -- and it's not exactly the operators' fault -- is the sparse membership that lists itself for meeting in person and dating. At least in our neighborhood, it's not just sparse, it's absent. The closest possible match is 200 miles away. We know for a fact that the local bi community is active and accessible -- but not on BiCafe. Probably more marketing would help, but then the site might have to change its identity. So we don't know. We're lifetime members because it's economical and we serve our community. But we're sorry we haven't met more people in the flesh via BiCafe. That would make BiCafe completely satisfying.

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