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Is your partner cheating? How do you deal with an affair? How can you prevent cheating in your relationship? These, and other cheating-related questions are answered here.

How Did You Know Your Mate Was Cheating - Cheating Boyfriend - Cheati…
How did you figure out that your girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating? What did you do, and how did they react?

What Counts as Cheating?
A quick tip from About.com's GLBT Teens.

Did He Get Caught Cheating?
A reader wants to know if her boyfriend got caught cheating by her friends, and whose story she should believe.

Recognize the Signs of Cheating
Wondering if your partner is cheating on you? Read on for a list of the most common signs.

Reasons Why People Cheat
From About.com's Guide to Divorce, a six-point article explaining why people decide to cheat on their partners.

Readers Share Their Thoughts About Cheating
A reader asks if her boyfriend was caught cheating by her friends, or if there is another explanation - and other readers respond with their thoughts.

Dating Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
Is your jealousy helping or hindering your relationship?

Lust in Translation Book Review
Want to know how and why people around the world cheat? Then take a peek at the book Lust in Translation, a foray into the world of adulterers and how cultural and geographic variances determine how one deals with a cheating partner.

Definition: Emotional Infidelity
What is emotional infidelity? A glossary definition.

How To Handle a Cheat
Confronting and dealing with a cheating partner.

The Mend of the Affair
Determining how well therapy will bode for a couple depending on whether or not the cheating partner fesses up in therapy to his or her cheating ways.

Is Online Chatting Cheating?
What to do when you love to chat online, but your partner thinks its cheating.

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