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Big Church Christian Dating Site Review

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Big Church Christian Dating Service

Big Church Christian Dating Service

Global Alphabet, Inc.

With a great, easy to use layout and a much larger than average user base worldwide, Big Church seems like a great all-around Christian dating site. However, for the same price there are other, better Christian dating sites to choose from. Here's why.

Overview from the Big Church Christian Dating Site

"Bringing people together in love and faith."

What a Big Church Christian Dating Membership Includes

Big Church has three different membership levels, same as all of the other sites in the FriendFinder network: Standard, Silver and Gold.

The free membership at Big Church is the Standard membership, which allows users to create a profile, use the chat rooms and instant messengering system, upload a video greeting, create a favorites list and respond to emails from Silver or Gold members. As well, "some standard members receive viewing privileges based on the popularity of their profile."

Silver members receive the same access as Standard members, plus they have access to the non-standard search tools (which allow for geographic searches and saved searches), the opportunity to view other members' video introductions and up to five of their photos, and contact other members through email.

Gold members have all of the same privileges as Standard and Silver members, plus priority technical support and review of their profiles, top billed listing of their profiles in all searches, receipt of other instant messaging contact information for the people in their network (like ICQ or MSN), and a 'super search' form.

Unique Features of Big Church Christian Dating

The Standard (free) membership at Big Church allows users to contact each other through the numerous chat rooms, which many free members do to circumvent paying for the monthly service.

Big Church has an unusually high membership base for a Christian dating site worldwide. However, it was noted upon reviewing my own matches that many of the members listed were profiles merely pulled elsewhere from the FriendFinder network that hadn't been active in quite some time.

Big Church doesn't just offer dating services for its users, it also can be used to search for Bible study partners, pen pals, or a prayer partner.

Some Christians may find Big Church's affiliations offensive to their faith, as their parent company, FriendFinder, also runs Alt.com and Adult Friend Finder.

Membership Costs for Big Church Christian Dating

Standard membership is free.

Silver membership costs $19.94 USD for one month, $33.94 USD for three months, or $99.94 USD for one year.

Gold membership costs $29.94 USD for one month, $59.94 USD for three months, or $139.94 for one year.

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