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Christian Dating Sites

A Who's Who of Online Christian Dating Sites


Many Christian singles want to meet someone special, but it's a challenge to approach someone new at church or to ask friends within the religion for an introduction. If you're not willing or able to do either of those things, a Christian-focused dating site might fit the bill. Some however focus more on dating than the religious aspects while others truly offer a unique experience for Christian singles.

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Singles of Faith

Singles of Faith Christian Dating Service

A highly unusual dating service even outside the Christian dating niche, Singles of Faith only wants to attract members who are serious about their search for a partner that also embodies their faith. Recommended, especially for those who aren't able to pay normal Christian dating site fees, as Singles of Faith has a program specifically geared for lower income singles.

Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe Christian Dating Service

Part of the RealCafe conglomerate, Christian Cafe is a robust Christian dating site offering basic dating services as well as prayer requests, search features specific to Christian dating, and the knowledge that all of their members are currently accessing the site, as the entire database is purged after 90 days of no contact.

Real Christian Singles

Real Christian Singles Christian Dating Service
Real Christian Singles

A non-denominational, totally free Christian dating site, Real Christian Singles has a legal policy against folks who are married or convinced felons using their dating service. However, their database of users is slim, their features relatively basic and their sign up process lengthy. But with few Christian dating sites offering themselves up as completely free, Real Christian Singles might suit a lot of singles looking for someone who shares their faith.

Rainbow Christians

Rainbow Christians Dating Site Review
A niche Christian dating service, Rainbow Christians is geared towards lesbian, gay, transgendered and bisexual Christians who are looking for love. Although this Christian dating site doesn't have a lot of members, the owner has an obvious personal stake in the business, and it shows with numerous unique touches that make its membership feel special.

Christian Singles @ PerfectMatch


PerfectMatch doesn't cater specifically to Christian singles, but they do offer a specific entry point just for Christians wanting love or a relationship. Your profile defaults its search options to look for other Christians, but it's easily changed. Fees range from $9.99-29.95/month USD.

Christian Matchmaker

Christian Matchmaker
Avalanche LLC

Connects to the Matchmaker.com dating site, but only shows other likeminded Christians in their search results. Offers free and paid memberships ranging from $9.99-29.95 USD a month.

Big Church

Big Church Christian Dating Service
Global Alphabet, Inc.

Big Church is most likely the largest Christian dating site on this list, but only because it shares a database with parent company FriendFinder, and all of its offshoot niche dating services. Which, for some Christian singles, might be a huge turn off. Others won't mind their interface, or the ability to search for more than just a date (such as prayer partners or Bible study friends).

Harmony Partners

Harmony Partners Christian Dating Service
Harmony Partners
A freebie Christian dating site that doesn't offer much to the end user, and thus isn't recommended.

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