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Dating Questions About Communication

20 Questions to Ask Your Date About Communication


Proper communication is essential for long term relationship success. What comprises 'proper' or good communication, however, is defined differently by each individual. Some feel that teasing and sarcasm are essential to positive interactions, while others require long, drawn-out intimate conversations on a regular basis to feel connected. What follows are 20 questions essential for all dating couples to ask each other in order to get a better feel for each person's communication style.

Which are you better at, and why: listening or speaking?

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Is debate and disagreement something you are comfortable with? Why or why not?

What is your preferred method of communication and why? (i.e. email, in person)

How do you feel or what do you do when there is silence in a conversation?

How frequently (or infrequently) do you like talking about your relationship?

How accessible are you or do you want to be - by phone, email, or other means?

Are there certain topics or subjects you prefer talking about over others?

How do you feel about cussing and strong language?

How and when do you feel comfortable expressing difficult feelings?

How frequently do you like or want to communicate? Daily, hourly, weekly or...?

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