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Whether you're attracted to the wrong kinds of people, are in love with your partner's potential, are a picky dater or constantly choose unavailable partners, you'll find the dating advice you need here.
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Elemental Love Styles by Dr. Craig Martin
Takes one's elemental nature (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and through a short quiz, determines both partners' nature and basic behavior in a relationship - and what to do about it when it causes problems.

Can I Date My Best Friend's Ex?
Is it ever okay to date your best friend's ex?

He's Not My Type?
A reader asks how to bust out of a "he's not my type" rut.

Would You Date Someone Who Is Plain?
A reader who feels she is plain wants to know what a potential partner might see in her.

How Much Do Looks Matter?
The answer comes in a surprising package: a reality TV show.

Predicting Who You'll Marry
Free dating site Plenty of Fish added an unusual feature to their site called, "Who You'll Marry". Learn more about it here.

I Don't Like How My Partner Looks Anymore
You fell in love, but then something changed. What do you do when you're not attracted to your partner anymore?

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