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Conversation Starters

Getting over those first jitters can be a problem when trying to connect with a stranger on the street. Avoid communication mishaps and learn how to interact with the object of your affections with grace and allure.

6 Great Pickup Lines For Men or Women
Simple, straightforward and minus the cheese factor, these ten great pickup lines should start a conversation flowing in no time.

Conversation Starters for Dating Purposes
One of the scariest parts of meeting new people is trying to start a conversation with a stranger, but it doesn't need to be.

30 Sexy Conversation Starters for Women
Cosmo bares all in this list of thirty conversation starters for women looking to snag the man they're interested in.

Email Conversation Starters
How do you start a conversation with someone you've met through an online dating site? By using one of these conversation starters, of course.

Pickup Help
A long list of supposedly successful pickup lines used by men on women.

What Is A Neg?
If someone said you were negged or suggested you neg another person but you have no idea what they meant, learn now or share your own definition.

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