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CouplesWorldWide.com Review **Closed**

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


**As of 2011, CouplesWorldWide.com closed.**

Although an interesting premise, CouplesWorldWide does a poor job of uniting couples for friendship because of its difficult and tedious user experience, lack of users and confusing documentation.

Overview from CouplesWorldWide.com

"Welcome to the couples world website. Our core objective is to create a safe environment offering many fun opportunities for couples to meet new couple friends, either in their neighborhood or while traveling to other destinations."

What a CouplesWorld Wide.com Membership Includes

CouplesWorldWide.com hasn`t currently listed what each level of membership includes (VIP or Diamond). However, the site does offer the following features for a limited time to all members who sign up:

  • Search features that allow review by age, marital status, zip code, interests, activities, education, and food and dining choices;
  • The ability to send generic icebreaker messages to any member;
  • Blocking features for those members you don`t want to view your profile;
  • Access to the chat rooms, forums, blogging utilities and social networking features, and;
  • A couples dating match system, where users can set criteria for their perfect match to be emailed to them if a couple with similar information should join.

Unique Features of CouplesWorldWide.com

Unfortunately the first mention of what is unique about CouplesWorldWide.com is that there are many glaring spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the website. At times the English is so bad it makes it difficult to determine exactly what the website owner is trying to convey.

CouplesWorldWide.com requires a photo to be uploaded of the couple that is "less than 6 months old that show both partners clearly and both personalities", and that all profiles are completed "as openly as possible". After filling out the application, couples must then wait up to 24 hours to have their membership approved for `safety` reasons.

Once you`ve gained access to CouplesWorldWide.com, posting in the forums and emailing other members earns you an entry into a draw for a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice.

CouplesWorldWide.com Membership Costs

Currently CouplesWorldWide.com is offering free VIP memberships to every couple who signs up at the site, for a limited time only. There is no mention of how long the promotion will last, or how much memberships will cost after the promotion is over.

As well, Diamond Level memberships are free for couples who choose to host events in their area. These members are called "Area Hosts", and there is only one per designated area.

Couples can earn a free month of VIP level membership by referring other couples to the website.

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