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Dinner and a Movie Date Ideas


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The dinner and a movie date is a standard for many couples, both new and established. So instead of doing the same old, same old, use one (or combine several) of these ideas to create an inventive, memorable evening.

Themed Dinner and a Movie

Have you ever tried to match your meal with your movie choice? Whether you stay at home or go out, it's a simple switch to take what you'd normally eat and turn it into a themed evening. Love period pieces? Then why not take in a medieval feast, first? Scary movies more your thing? Then re-create a Halloween feast in your living room, using these Halloween Recipes.

Brunch and a Matinee

Not able (or willing) to deal with the crowds at the movie theater, movie rental store, favorite take out joint or restaurant on a traditional Friday date night? Then think about switching up your date time for a more relaxing - and potentially cheaper - dinner and a movie date idea. Many fancy restaurants offer lower-cost options for their lunchtime fare, and matinees are usually a fraction of the nighttime cost for the exact same show.

Drive-In Dinner and a Movie

If there is a drive-in theater near you, take advantage! To create an unusual date night, have the both of you dress up in your PJs, bring your favorite snack foods, and cuddle up together in the moonlight. This is also an excellent idea for single parents who can't find a babysitter or are more willing to include their kids on simple date night activities. With the kids in the front seat enjoying the show and the two of you cuddling in the back seat together, everyone can partake in an evening the entire family can enjoy.

Dinner Theater

Combining dinner and a movie into one single event, dinner theaters are a fun and unusual way to get to know each other better while enjoying some entertainment and a meal together. Not only will the two of you be able to watch the story unfold in front of you, you may even be asked to participate. After, find a cozy little coffee house or late night eatery for some after-dinner aperitifs and/or dessert to discuss and mull over the evening's festivities.

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