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Summer Date Ideas


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Looking for something fun to do on a first or second date during the summertime, or a romantic activity to share with your partner when it's hot out? I've collected some of my favorite summer date ideas here, but as always, feel free to share your ideas, comments and suggestions here.

Make a plan to go rainbow watching; they aren't too hard to find if you know how to look for them. Or, create your own rainbows, together, like a pH Rainbow Tube, or a Rainbow in a Glass.

Hit the dollar store and grab a silly sprinkler, then run in the sprinkler together, with a picnic ready along the side of the lawn. Or, enjoy another summertime kid-like activity that will cool you both down, such as waterslides, water bumper boats, or a swim.

Along the same lines, take a few hours one night to start learning more about stargazing, either through a book, setting up your own galaxy on a rainy night on the ceiling using glow-in-dark stars, or an iPhone app like ...

Grab a two person sleeping bag (or zip two together to make an extra-large bag, and sleep under the stars, complete with backyard campfire and marshmallow roast. Make sure to check with your local regulations to make sure campires aren't banned, first.

Find a playground with an outdoor circuit, the kind where you run an go from one activity to the next, and challenge each other to a Biggest Loser -like workout competition. Who will finish first?

Get a bunch of small pieces of paper, and have both of you write down one thing on each paper that you'd both find challenging to do in the great outdoors. For me, I'd write going down a zipline (the ones near me are huge!), repelling down a mountain, or doing some sort of adventure travel. Get creative! Then, every week, pick one piece of paper, and dare one another to conquer it on your date.

One of my favorite, most memorable camping experiences took place in the wee hours of the night, when a fellow camper woke me up for a midnight run down to the docks. There, we saw some bioluminescent creatures in the water, and it was magical. Grab a blanket and maybe something to drink to venture out and find your own, but not until you've learned more about these kinds of creatures and how to find them: What is Bioluminescence?, 10 Cool Facts About Fireflies, Make a Glowing Flower.

Celebrate Solstice or Midsummer Sabbat, Litha, honoring both your religious beliefs while incorporating something new into the festivities that the two of you can share in future years, and dates, to come.

Pack a picnic, but instead of having it in the middle of the day, plan it for first thing in the morning as the sun rises. There's something utterly romantic about this time of day, especially when it's yet to get hot but the sun peeks out from across the horizon. Some menu ideas to get you started: Spanish Picnic Menu, Greek Festival and Holiday Menus, Summer Picnic Ideas, Chinese Food Picnic Ideas.

'Tis the season for Shakespeare in the park, outdoor symphonies, and music festivals on, in or around a lake. Take advantage early in the season and book tickets for the two of you to enjoy later on, as these sorts of events usually fill up fast.

Get both off your smartphones charged up, then go play hide-and-seek in the wilderness, also known as geocaching. Learn the basics, get a complete how-to, then either plan an outing you can share together, or compete against one another in a geocaching party for two.

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