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Creative Date Ideas

Dating Ideas For Singles Looking For New and Creative Suggestions


Whether you've been dating a while or are planning a first date, creativity can be a factor in determining whether or not the two of you move on, together. So whether you're looking to wow your long term partner or surprise someone new, these creative date ideas should get you inspired to try something new, exciting and unusual.


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Talk to your local volunteer agency (easily found in the yellow pages of most community phone books) and ask them if there are any agencies looking for a couple to volunteer, together.

Get Used

Turning junk into treasure, finding one of a kind items, and playing around with kooky finds are all intimacy-enhancing activities. Plus you'll never know what you'll find at a garage sale, flea market, auction house or even Freecycle, and you'll likely learn something about each other in the process (even if you've been dating for years).


Research shows that getting active with your date is one of the best ways to increase intimacy. So why not get out into the wilderness with a compass, map and a picnic lunch -- and see what the two of you find?

Clean Up

Undoubtedly there is something in either your personal living space or community that needs cleaning up: your kitchen, a neighbor's driveway, the protected swamplands. Bring some music and whatever supplies you'll need, and make a contest out of who can finish their task the fastest.


Whether its writing a song together (like in Drew Barrymore's 2007 romantic comedy 'Music and Lyrics'), carving clay (think of a living version of 'Ghost') or any other artistic pursuit - find something the two of you can create, together, and make a date out of it.


Ever gone spelunking? Skinny dipping in a local (private) hot spring? Know which edible plants are indigenous to your area? No matter where you live there are environmental aspects to explore, all waiting for you to find them.


Glow in the dark items are inexpensive and easy ways to turn an otherwise challenging date into something memorable and creative. Try glow in the dark frisbees for a night time game of ultimate, glowing golf balls for snow golf. Or, you could take a walk along the sea bed to find bioluminescent sea creatures - ones that, literally, glow in the dark.
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