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Sexy Dating Ideas

Seduce Your Date With These Fun Date Ideas


If you are in a long term relationship looking to fuel the fires of desire with your partner, or in need for creative ways to seduce your lover tonight, these sexy dating ideas are meant to inspire. Have fun!

1. Take a Bath Together

Couple kissing in the bath
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Whether you go all out with champagne and bubbles or take the sensory high road with a bath bomb, a luxurious bath with your sweetie, complete with candles and sexy music is a great stage for seduction. Or, try a pre-packed bath gift to create a memorable, sensual date night with a minimum of fuss.

2. Share a Sensual Picnic

Simona Balint

A basic seduction how to would be remiss if it didn't include eating some sort of sensual foodstuffs off your partners' body. Take this seductive dating idea to the next level with a picnic, edible flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for a not-to-be-forgotten event.

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3. Test Aphrodisiacs

Dominic Morel

Make tonight's date a taste adventure by trying out a variety of aphrodisiacs with your partner. They could be things that are well known for their seductive properties, like oysters, or more sensual in nature, like chocolate fondue (Buy Direct).

4. Perform a Striptease

Connie Lee

Take a cue from the heightened interest in burlesque these days and try to give your loved one something they will never forget - a personalized striptease just for them. Try the underwear department of your favorite clothing store for ideas, or a costume company for rentals.

5. Give a Massage

Chocolate Massage Bar
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There are few things more relaxing and seductive than a skin to skin massage. Try using a warmed massage stone (Buy Direct) for an added, unusual twist, or purchase some massage bars for delightful additions.

6. Take a Vacation

G Schouten de Jel

Seduction doesn't always have to happen at home. In fact, it may add to the mystique if you plan something sexy for the two of you to enjoy elsewhere. And your vacation can be as simple as an hour-long spa treatment for the two of you to enjoy, or something as complex as a two-week long vacation to the tropics.

7. Send Sexy Text Messages

Cell Phone
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They are unexpected, inexpensive and unusual, so a seductive text message might just add some icing to a sexy date request. Spend some time planning several hours worth of messages through your cell phone company, perhaps by time stamping a couple ahead of time. The possibilities are only as fixed as your imagination -- so why not prepare a text message scavenger hunt where the end result is one of the other seductive dating ideas mentioned here?

8. Park

G Schouten de Jel

Remember when you were a teenager and couldn't find anywhere to have some alone time with your date? With a bit of creativity, the idea is just as seductive now. You could always take a bar of soap and write sexy messages on the side windows of your car as well before leaving, so that when the two of you heat up the vehicle your notes will be displayed.

9. Read Erotica Together

52 Invitations to Grreat Sex
52 Invitations to Grreat Sex

Whether you find some the internet, purchase a book online or write your own - erotica is powerful stuff, and can be used in a variety of ways to seduce your partner. Go for something you know your partner will like, or get a bit risque and try an idea out that the two of you have never explored before.

10. Play a Sexy Couples Game

Discover Your Lover Sexy Couples Game

Create your own seductive game to play with one another, or purchase a kit that guides you in the right direction - it's up to you. Either way, when you inject a bit of fun and levity into your seductive date, you'll both benefit from the intimate connection and memorable moments.

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