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Unusual Dating Sites

These dating sites offer something unusual, new or different - such as streaming real-time video dates, marketing to an unusual audience or anything else the mind can imagine.

Strange Love - Weird Dating Sites
There comes a time when every single person wonders if they find love, and that's probably why such an odd crop of dating sites have popped up on the internet the past few years -- because everyone, no matter what their peccadilloes, deserves to find someone special. But there are strange dating sites, and then there are the really weird, and this list attempts to cover each and every one …

Polyamory Dating Sites
If you're polyamorous and looking for love, take a peek at these dating sites catering to others just like you.

The women are in charge at HerWay, where guys sign up and wait for the ladies to contact them.

MMO-Love Dating Site
A free dating site for online video game players and the folks who love them.

Dating site that matches singles using facial recognition software.

For women interested in pursuing a relationship with another woman while still in a heterosexual relationship with someone else.

Crazy Blind Date
Crazy Blind Date offers the kind of service you'd expect from their name: one (or a series) of blind dates, arranged quickly and without fuss, in the US city of your choosing.

WooMe Online Speed Dating Site Review
A review of WooMe, the first online speed dating website.

Using virtual reality technology, OmniDate allows its users to have a virtual date, online.

Savage Hearts Dating
For fans of the UK's Bizarre magazine, or those looking to meet another person living an alternative lifestyle.

I'm not quite sure how this dating site works - yet - but I think the concept is so simple that I'm just not getting it. Post a photo, attach it to your Facebook profile and Skype, and allow other users to message, call or email you if they are interested. I think.

Recommended Polyamory Dating Sites
Readers share their experiences with poly dating sites.

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