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With nine blogs being created every second, its hard to find a dating blog that is relevant, interesting, informative and even on topic most days. Here are my favorite dating blogs, and why you should read them.
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  2. Pick Up Artist Blogs (4)
  3. Single Parent Dating Blogs (4)

Tell Us About Your Relationship or Dating Blog
Do you maintain or contribute to a dating blog? Tell us all about your relationship blog here. See submissions

Top 10 Dating Blogs You're Not Reading (But Should Be)
Which dating blogs should you invest time in, and why?

1000 web dates
A woman's addiction to online dating described in great detail.

Baggage Reclaim
Helping women move on from bad relationships.

Dating Deviance
An unusual dating blog written by two men - one admitted player and a 'nice guy' who wants to meet women without using what he considers icky tactics.

First person dating stories, San Francisco style.

Dating Dummy
A first person account from a 30-something man trying to find love.

Dating is Warfare
A soldier's stories about dating.

David Wygant
One of the most read and widely known dating experts, David Wygant focuses his attentions on men looking to meet women without the focus on pick up artistry. Highly recommended.

Diary of a Disillusioned Dater
A single man in NY ruminates about his dating experiences, in the hopes he meets a woman he'd like a second date with.

He Loves Me Not
All things love, dating and romance from a single woman's perspective.

How To Flirt
Help and suggestions for all walks of life about flirting.

First-hand dating stories from a single woman in NYC.

My Heart Is An Idiot
Written by a single gent, this AOL Lifestyles blog covers the quirks and quips of dating relationships.

A recount of a UK man's travels through Plenty Of Fish and other online dating sites.

Articles, videos and social networking from self-help experts around the world.

Sex and the Single Guy
Advice and real-life dating stories from Marie Claire magazine's dating dude.

Daily doses of dating advice from Glamour's resident dating blogger.

Slate Your Date
A combination of blog and tell-all, readers can share their worst dating disasters here. A spin-off from Matt Dunn's fiction book, entitled 'Ex-Girlfriends United', where the main character reads about why he's not dateable at the aforementioned website.

The Ex-Girlfriend Project
A single man's personal struggle with a breakup.

The Rules Girl
A blog by and for other women following 'The Rules' from the book by the same name.

The Single FIles
Stories from a Vancouver-based woman's dates and relationships.

Urge & Merge
Mike Alvear's dating blog focusing on gay men and single women offering advice to one another about dating, sex and relationships.

Dating Blog Carnival
A weekly blog carnival showcasing topics relevant to dating.

Best Dating Blog 2011
Hundreds of nominations led to these five dating blog favorites. Vote for the best one now before it's too late.

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