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Dating and Relationship Book Reviews

There are a tremendous amount of dating and relationship books published every year. These are what I've reviewed recently. Want to add your relationship book to the list?
  1. Books for Couples (2)
  2. Breakup Books (3)
  3. Dating Again Books (3)
  4. Dating Books for Men (3)
  5. Dating Books for Women (10)
  6. Get Your Ex Back Books (8)
  7. Meet Someone New Books (5)
  8. Nonfiction Dating Books (2)
  9. Online Dating Books (1)
  10. Relationship Book Authors (5)

Dating Book Profiles
Have a dating book you want listed at About.com's Dating site? Fill out this form and get and dating or relationship book listed. See submissions

Dating Book Reviews by Readers Like You
Loved a dating book and want to review it? Want to warn other singles about a relationship book that didn't cut it? Share your favorite and least-loved books on relationships here. See submissions

Elemental Love Styles by Craig Martin
A review of Elemental Love Styles by Dr. Craig Martin.

Love By The Numbers by Glynis McCants
An unbiased review of Glynis McCants' book, Love By The Numbers, and whether or not it fills a void in the dating book market.

Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic - Book Review
A review of dating book Secrets of a Fix Up Fanatic, by Susan Shapiro.

The Spirituality Girl's Guide to Dating
Chapter 8 review of The Spirituality Girl's Guide to Dating, by About.com's Guide to Alternative Healing.

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