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Not Tonight Mr. Right by Kate Taylor

The Best (Don't Get) Laid Plans for Finding and Marrying the Man of Your Dreams

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Not Tonight Mr Right by Kate Taylor

Not Tonight Mr Right by Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

An unusual book advocating waiting to have sex with a man until you're sure both of you are ready, willing and able to commit to a serious, long term relationship, Not Tonight Mr. Right has an even more unusual slant: its written by a UK-based sex columnist.

Asking people to abstain from sex when their primary vocation is to provide advice about said activity seems a bit odd, yet author Kate Taylor manages to pull it off with humor, wit and style. But more surprising is that Taylor doesn't just say, "wait to have sex." No, she gives concrete reasons backed up by science that (she feels) are what many women of today's generation need to find what they are looking for: a lifelong relationship.

Not Tonight Mr. Right starts strong, even with the first page quote from Paris Hilton. Taylor explains that there is just as much of a thrill in waiting for sex as there is in having it, and although most of the book is built on the premise that men love to chase, there are still some interesting tidbits to glean and some laughs to be had. This book is definitely funny.

Next Not Tonight Mr. Right moves into deprogramming territory. Essentially, this chapter is about quelling any and all of the questions that come up during the process of abstaining from sex while dating, as well as learning how to focus again on your own needs instead of someone else's. Verging on kooky at times, this is still the strongest chapter of the book and well-worth a read for any single woman frustrated with her dating situation.

The book then moves into what seems natural: discussing how to not have sex with someone you're dating, as well as how to know when it is time to do the deed. Finally, Not Tonight Mr. Right offers some testimonials on the process (as well as the author's own success story) and further information for those wanting to take temporary chastity a step further.

The Bottom Line

Like many women today, I was hesitant to read a book that advocates abstention, no matter what the reason. But I was quickly engrossed by the author's writing style, and any contentions I had were diffused quickly with valid, humorously suggested points. Therefore, I highly recommend Not Tonight Mr. Right to women struggling with the "He's Not That Into You" Syndrome, and who are seeking a change. Because if what you're doing isn't working, its time to try something new, and Not Tonight Mr. Right provides a map and compass to do so.

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