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Getting Past Your Breakup By Susan J. Elliott

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Getting Past Your Breakup

Getting Past Your Breakup

Susan J. Elliot

The Bottom Line

A well thought out and surprisingly thorough book about dealing with a breakup, attorney and grief counselor Susan J. Elliot shares with readers not only how to survive after a breakup but how to thrive and find love again. With chapters on learning new boundaries and how to tell the kids, Elliot has covered topics that most books of this genre ignore outright. Chapter 2, The Rules of Disengagement, are a must-read for anyone who has ever suffered a bad breakup, particularly the list of items that keep folks stuck in their grief - most notably the concept of needing closure after a failed relationship.


  • Helps readers not only deal with the breakup, but become better people because of it.
  • Well written and thorough.
  • Practical how-to's in every chapter.
  • Warm and friendly tone that never comes across as condescending or judgemental.


  • Some readers may find the exercises difficult to work through.
  • There is no step-by-step process to follow other than reading the book start to finish.


  • Title: Getting Past Your Breakup - How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You
  • Author: Susan J. Elliott
  • Publisher: Da Capo Press
  • Published: May 2009
  • Book Details: 272 pages, paperback.

Guide Review - Getting Past Your Breakup By Susan J. Elliott

The chapters in Getting Past Your Breakup are as follows:
  • The Road Map To Healing - introduces the author and concept to the reader and what can be expected.
  • Rules Of Disengagement - explains why no contact with the ex is important and how to go about doing it, along with myths and reasons why people stay stuck in their past relationships and what to do about it.

  • Grief As The Healing Feeling - describes what grief is and the steps most people work through during the breakup process.

  • Taking Care Of Yourself - helping the person struggling with the end of a relationship get back into their own life and stop focusing on their ex's.

  • What About The Kids? - ways to help your children cope with your breakup.

  • Bringing The Big Picture Into Focus - reviewing the good, bad and ugly of the relationship and learning to let go.

  • Where Do You End And I Begin? - learning what healthy boundaries are for the next romantic relationship.

  • Moving On - working towards a new relationship.

  • Letters From Readers and FAQs

  • Afterword and Final Thoughts
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