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Hold Me Tight - Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

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Hold Me Tight - Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

Hold Me Tight - Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love


The Bottom Line

If you were to hear that a psychologist's method of helping struggling couples bond again had a seventy-five percent success rate, as opposed to other forms of couples therapy, which studies have shown to be thirty-five percent successful, wouldn't you want to learn more about the methodology?

Dr. Sue Johnson has done just that: created a whole new way of helping couples cope with serious relationship issues that has proven time and time again to be highly successful. Hold Me Tight explains her process, clearly and in detail, for all to benefit from.

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  • Technical yet accessible, easy to read yet not simplistic.
  • Provides wide range of data, including real-life stories, advice and solutions.
  • Gives couples struggling exciting options to renew and revitalize their relationships.


  • May suggest such a different way of seeing relationships that some readers balk initially.


  • Author: Dr. Sue Johnson
  • ISBN: 978-0-316-11300-7
  • Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
  • Publication Date: April 2008
  • Price: $25.99 US, $28.99 CAN

Guide Review - Hold Me Tight - Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

For couples wanting to reclaim their relationship and mend the hurts that are keeping them from enjoying a life together, Hold Me Tight is a beacon of a relationship book that delivers on its promises.

The premise is surprisingly simple: stop worrying about your past, or your partners lack of whatever you feel is missing. Dr. Johnson says the trick to a long lasting, healthy, committed relationship starts with the understanding that codependency is a good thing, similarly to how a child relies on a parent for love and nurturing. Be open to your loved one's needs, and you'll reconnect naturally and lovingly.

If the process were as easy as it sounds however, Hold Me Tight wouldn't be needed, so the book goes into great detail as to how specifically lovers need to connect - via a series of seven conversations that will, she says, change your relationship with your partner forever.

Not currently being in a relationship myself, I was unable to use any of Dr. Johnson's practical suggestions with a partner, although throughout the easy read, I did recognize myself and several past relationships - and in turn wondered, if I'd had this information available to me, how (if) it would have changed the outcome. I also lent my copy to several friends in long term, committed relationships for their input -- all of whom asked to keep the book, or where they could purchase a copy for themselves.

The book is completely devoid of preaching, judgment and negativity, and flows easily and well from one chapter to the next. It is beautifully written, touching, and a joy to read. I found myself referring back to several chapters frequently, and have now dog-eared pages because of how much Dr. Johnson's words resonated. I highly recommend this book to everyone, coupled or otherwise, for relationship insight not easily found elsewhere.

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