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Dating Advice, Issues and Special Circumstances

Need some dating advice for your specific situation? You'll find oodles of dating advice for men and women here.
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  2. Commitment (14)
  3. Compatibility (10)
  4. Dating Apps (12)
  5. Dating Books
  6. Dating With Herpes and Other STDs (14)
  7. Dating With a Disability (22)
  8. Dating for Gay Men
  9. Interracial Dating (7)
  10. Just for the Gals (12)
  11. Just for the Guys (15)
  12. Lesbian Dating Advice
  13. Long Distance Relationships (10)
  14. Love Advice (11)
  15. Religious Dating Advice (29)
  16. Senior Dating (5)
  17. Sex and Intimacy (7)
  18. Single Parents (12)
  19. Teen Dating Advice (12)
  20. Teen Dating Advice for Parents (22)
  21. Workplace Dating Questions (6)

Where To Get Dating Help
Need help with your dating life? Here are some free suggestions, ideas and support.

After Years of Dating Can We Fall in Love Again?
A reader asks how she and her partner can fall back in love again after many years of being together.

Does He Like Me As A Friend Or More?
Wonder if he's just friends, or something more?

On a Date, Who Pays?
The age-old question of who pays on a date is answered.

Request Free Dating Advice
Have a question about dating? Then fill out this free dating advice request form, and your question may be featured here for other singles to learn from.

Should I Date When I Don't Have a Job?
A lonely reader wants to know if he should bother trying to find a date while also trying to find a job.

What is Dating Violence?
The three types of dating violence explained: physical, emotional and sexual.

Why Am I Not Getting Responses To My Dating Profile?
Why would someone not get any responses to emails they've sent out from their online dating profile? Find out here.

Will He Call For A Second Date?
Wondering if there will be a second date? This reader wants to know too.

Share Your Dating Advice
Share your opinions, ideas, experience, thoughts and feelings about commonly asked dating questions and real-world dating advice.

Bouncing Back from Dating Disasters - Reader How Tos
Horrible dates don't necessarily mean disaster. Readers share their dating disasters, and how they bounced back to find love - or at least a second date.

Readers Share What They Think A Wallflower Is - Were You a Wallflower
Share your thoughts about wallflowers, including your experiences as one, or what you think a wallflower is.

Readers Tell All - Who Pays On A Date
Who should pay on a date? Readers chime in and give their thoughts.

More Than Just Friends
Rules for pursuing workplace relationships.

The Price of Loyalty - Choosing Friends Over Lovers
What's more important, your friend or your friend's ex? NY Magazine dives into this age-old debate.

Jealousy - A Voice of Possessiveness Past
Understanding the green-eyed monster in the context of today's social climate.

Guidelines for Dating a Couple
For non-monogamous relationships, dating a couple is a fairly common occurence. Learn the rules of dating two people at Xero Mag.

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