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Reader Responses To Dating Questions


Share your opinions, ideas, experience, thoughts and feelings about commonly asked dating questions and real-world dating advice.

What Songs Have Gotten You Through A Breakup?

Broken Hearted
Thorsten Epping / stock.xchng
From classic to contemporary, we all have a personal anthem that gets us through the bad times after a breakup. What's yours?

How Do You Know You're In Love?

Am I In Love?
Katarzyna Lipińska

Did you know right away that you loved your partner, or did the affection take time to build? What things made you know, without a doubt, that you love(d) your partner?

The Best Pickup Lines Ever

Pickup Lines That Worked
Marja Flick-Buijs
Cheesy or soulful, fun and playful - if it worked for you, its time to share.

Your Sweetest, Most Romantic Text Messages

Romantic Text Messages
terry6082 / stock.xchng
Have you won over your partner via text? Share your secrets and get some inspiration for your next texting adventure.

Do You Share Cute Love Quotes With Your Partner?

Cute Love Quote
Dora Pete / stock.xchng

Whether you've sent a romantic text message or a loving free eCard (Buy Direct) to your date, cute, short and sweet love quotes have a lot to offer the romantic. Why not share yours, here?

What Is Your Favorite Date Movie?

Love Actually (2003) - Best Date Movie
Do you prefer an action flick to romance, or comedy to fantasy? Whatever your style, share your favorite date movies with us, and tell us why it would be perfect for other couples.

What's The Most Fun You've Ever Had On A Date?

New Years Resolution - Create Your Own Dating Rules
Jorc Navarro / stock.xchng
Was it something silly or romantic? Sexy or light-hearted? Share your favorite fun date ideas with other readers, and take a peek at the suggestions for more ideas for your next date too.

How You Keep Yourself Safe While Dating

What do you do to ensure a date doesn't go wrong, or at the very least keeps you safe? How have you handled scary dating situations, disasters or mistakes?

New Ideas for Halloween Dates

Couples Halloween Costume
Luca Cinacchio
Have you and your partner done something truly original on Halloween for a date? We're not talking hitting the local costume contest here; something that wowed you both however fits the bill.

Free Date Ideas

Free Date Ideas
Ramzi Hashisho
Ever been on the perfect date that didn't cost a dime? Share your free date ideas here with other readers, so that no one is ever stumped again.

Your Favorite Romantic Birthday Gift

Romantic Birthday Gift - The Fantasy Suite
Has your love ever given you the perfect romantic birthday gift, or did you go all out with your partner in turn? Share what worked with other readers, and why you found it so special.

First Date Gift Ideas

Dating Questions - Dating Advice
Cecile Graat
Do you give gifts on the first date? Why or why not? What would you like to receive on a first date - something sweet and special, or something that helps break the ice?
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