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Dating is one part science, one part art, and one part just being able to show up on time. Learn how to navigate all three of these crucial elements here, so as to find, earn and keep your relationship healthy, strong and interesting.
  1. The Rules of Dating
  2. The Language of Dating
  3. Methods of Communication
  4. Dating Advice
  1. Occasions and Holidays
  2. Dating & Relationship Quizzes
  3. Gift Ideas

The Rules of Dating

The Rules of Love - Dating Rules

The rules of dating have changed. Stay on top of what to do, what to avoid, and how to deal with special relationship situations with these helpful dating rules.

The Language of Dating

Dating Slang

Deciphering acronyms, slang or terms used when speaking of dating and relationships, as well as methods and ways to communicate with each other while flirting, dating or mating.

Methods of Communication

Communicating To Your Partner

Whether your primary form of communicating with potential dates or a mate is via face-to-face communication, instant messaging, texting, or something else, you'll find help and suggestions to communicate more clearly and effectively, here.

Dating Advice

Dating Questions - Dating Advice

Need some dating advice for your specific situation? You'll find oodles of dating advice for men and women here.

Occasions and Holidays

Tower of Sweet Surprises - Valentines Day Chocolates

Special occasions and holidays can be very important when it comes to dating, mating and relationships. From birthdays to religious occasions, Valentine's Day to meeting the parents, planning for these kinds of special events takes a particular finesse and style.

Dating & Relationship Quizzes

Dating and Love Quizzes

Take these dating quizzes to learn more about your dating style, preferences, likes and dislikes.

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Dating Couples

Holiday, birthday, or Valentine's Day, gifts are an important aspect of many a dating relationship. These articles will help you pick the perfect present, no matter what the occasion.

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