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Breakup Survey Shows How People Cope


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A relationships survey conducted by Yahoo! Personals discovered that 50% of singles reassess their relationship status between the winter holidays and Valentine's Day. Because of this result, Yahoo! Personals has deemed the first and last months of the year, "Breakup Season". Other finds from the survey include:

  • 84% would not stay in a relationship over the holidays just to ensure they had a date for the festivities;

  • The worst ways to break up are "sending a text or instant message" (28%) or "through email" (18%);

  • 19% believe that Monday is the best day to break up with someone;

  • The worst places to break up are a public place (37%) and work (25%);

  • The gross majority of people will avoid the person they are breaking up with (43%) or exercise (42%) before ending their relationship;

  • Breakup comforts included focusing on work (59%), taking a vacation (45%), or eating chocolate and ice cream (50%).

This breakup survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation CARAVAN for Yahoo! Personals. The data was compiled from adults aged 18 years and older between June 28 and July 2, 2007 and July 7-July 11, 2007 from a total of 3,087 respondents.

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