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First Date Rules

Knowing what is acceptable - and what isn't - on a date is an extremely important part of the dating process.
  1. Date Ideas

Are You a Good First Date? Quiz
Want to know if you need some brushing up on your skills? Take this quick and fun quiz to find out.

First Date Tips For Success
If you want a successful first date, follow these etiquette suggestions.

First Date Gift Ideas
Don't want to show up empty handed on a first date? Look to this list for some inexpensive gift ideas.

Fun First Date Ideas
Some ideas and suggestions for fun first date ideas.

Who Pays on a Date?
Figuring out who pays on a first date can be tricky. Learn how to decide now.

Dating Rules - Picking the First Date Location
There are ten dating rules to enable the best first date possible. Read on and make sure to incorporate all of them into the planning for your first date.

What To Wear On a First Date
Banish pre-date jitters with our easy-to-follow fashion advice on what to wear.

All About the First Date Video
A video explaining what you need to know on a first date.

First Date Mistakes to Avoid for Lesbians
Just for lesbians, here are ten first date mistakes to avoid at all costs.

First Date Coversations for the Over 50 Set
The rules for dating in your senior years are completely different than in your twenties and thirties. Here are several dating conversation rules for finding love after 50.

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