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Dating Scams, Romance Scams and Internet Scams

Think you've been scammed by an online dating scammer? Find out if you've been taken advantage of, how to document a romance scammer, and where to undertake scam reporting online.
  1. Dating Safely

Is This a Scam? Dating Scams Shared and Revealed
Wondering if the person contacting you've at an online dating site is too good to be true, or want to report dating scams? Look no further. See submissions

Links To Dating Sites To Report A Dating Scam
Need to report a dating scam? Review this list of dating site links to assist.

Dating Scams Reporting
Have you been the victim of a dating scam? Scam reporting is a relatively easy process, so learn how to get started here.

90% of Dating Fraud Perpetrated on 20 and 30 -Something Women
A Taiwanese report about dating scams and how younger women are more prone to targeting.

Signs of an Internet Dating Scam
Meeting people through internet dating sites means being aware of the most popular dating scams today.

Online Scams: What Phishing and Email Scams Look Like
For those who aren't sure if they've fallen prey to an online scam, this is the place to start.

Top 10 Email/Internet Scams
Avoid identity theft, hacking, virii, and spyware by educating yourself.

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