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Links to Report Dating Scams Directly

Scammed On A Dating Site? Report It Here


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If a dating scam artist contacted you through a dating site, then one of the steps involved in scam reporting is to contact the website in question. What follows is a list of dating sites and their respective links to report a romance scam.

Adam4Adam, Scam Reporting
Adult Friend Finder, Scam Reporting
Adult Match Doctor, Scam Reporting
Asian Friend Finder, Scam Reporting
Asian Singles, Scam Reporting
BB People Meet, Scam Reporting
BBW Harmony, Scam Reporting
BiCupid, Scam Reporting
Big Church, Scam Reporting
Black People Meet, Scam Reporting
Date.com, Scam Reporting
eHarmony, Scam Reporting
Friend Finder, Scam Reporting
Hi5, Scam Reporting
Hotmail, Scam Reporting
Interracial Match, Scam Reporting
Match.com, Scam Reporting
MSN Messenger, Support and Help (you'll need to specify Messenger)
Perfect Match, Scam Reporting
Single Parent Meet, Scam Reporting
Skype, How to Report Suspicious Calls, Messages and Contacts
Spark Networks, Scam Reporting
Tagged Scam Reporting
Tango Wire, Scam Reporting
UDate, Scam Reporting
Yahoo Personals (now Yahoo @ Match.com), Report Spam, Hacked Accounts and Phishing

A few sites have special notes, notices, and or requirements. They are:

  • FetLife: If someone has sent you spam or tried to scam you, you can report the message right in the message window when logged into your account, or go to their profile and click on "Report" on the top right side of their page.
  • Lavalife: Only offers "tips for safe online dating", and strongly suggests contacting local law enforcement if you feel you've been scammed. 
  • MySpace: For each 'unlawful' message sent to another user, the person sending MySpace will get charged $50 per email. Unlawful includes scams, as outlined by their Terms of Service. Also, MySpace has changed their terms to reflect that they no longer get involved in "Member Disputes. I quote: "You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Users, third party developers and any other parties with whom you interact through the Myspace Services and/or Linked Services so use caution when dealing with others. Myspace reserves the right, but has no obligation, to become involved in any way with these disputes." If however your specific romance scam is being investigated by the police, please send the officers to MySpace's Law Enforcement Page for more information and assistance.
  • OkCupid: To report a scam or suspicious email, you'll have to log into your account. Then go to the person's profile or email to you, and click on the flag that says, "Report This". Another option available is also only available when logged in: click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page --> Send Us Feedback --> I found a scammer/fake profile. 
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