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Halloween Costumes For Singles

Simple, Easy and Homemade Halloween Costumes for Singles


There are ample couples Halloween costume ideas, but what about the rest of us? If you are looking to garner some attention this Halloween and get at least a couple of dates out of the evening, these spunky, unusual and just plain fun Halloween costumes for singles will fit the bill. Every single one has received oodles of congrats and kudos from other singles, and each Halloween costume idea comes with a photo and how-to. I've tried to focus on unusual, fun and lighthearted choices for both sexes, instead of the standard 'sexy girl' -type outfit that isn't too hard to find. (Or, if that's more your focus, I highly recommend Frederick's of Hollywood for their racy and attention getting choices: Buy Direct).

Have a singles Halloween costume that earned you rave reviews, and that you want to add to this gallery? Then send me an email with the details and a photo, and I'll post it here on your behalf.

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Roller Girl Halloween CostumeRoller Girl Halloween CostumeSay Anything Halloween CostumeSay Anything Halloween CostumeKnight In Shining Armor CostumeKnight In Shining Armor CostumeMime Halloween CostumeMime Halloween Costume
Trophy Wife Halloween CostumeTrophy Wife Halloween CostumeBellydancer Halloween CostumeBellydancer Halloween CostumeGods Gift To Women CostumeGods Gift To Women CostumeTwister CostumeTwister Halloween Costume
Piece of Meat Halloween CostumePiece of Meat Halloween CostumeOne Night Stand Halloween CostumeOne Night Stand Halloween CostumeEggs Over Easy Halloween CostumeEggs Over Easy Halloween CostumeGoddess of Love Halloween CostumeGoddess of Love Halloween Costume for Singles
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