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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for Couples


Maybe you're too far away from your families, or perhaps what you're most thankful for this year is your dating relationship. No matter what the reason, an intimate Thanksgiving dinner with your sweetie is a lovely way to share the holiday, together. Separate from the historical reasoning, try to think of Thanksgiving as autumn's Valentines Day, where you can spend the evening gratefully acknowledging how special your relationship is, and giving thanks for having met. With that in mind, here are several Thanksgiving dinner ideas to try and enjoy.

Thanksgiving For Two

From About.com's Guide to Cooking for Two, this all-out Thanksgiving dinner is for those wanting something traditional and don't want to spare anything from an all-out celebration. Includes tips and tricks to pare down the event so that its manageable.

Dietary Differences

One of the perks about Thanksgiving for two is that you can cater the meal to any one of a myriad of dietary preferences, making it memorable for all of the right reasons.

Themed Cuisine

The turkey and/or Thanksgiving theme can be adopted in a variety of ways, as evidenced by many of the ethnic food guides here at About.com. Try something different this year with your partner with one of these menus, maybe even going so far as to make it a themed night, a la dinner and a movie date style.

Liquid Refreshments

It goes without saying that you'll need something to drink during your meal, so these liquid refreshment ideas aim to please. Some are alcoholic but others are not, and are listed accordingly.
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