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Ways to Add Romance to Your Dating Relationship


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Offer Up a Massage
Chocolate Massage Bar

Chocolate Massage Bar

Lush Cosmetics

Whenever you have time, offer up a massage to your partner. It doesn't have to be an hour-long affair with candles and massage oils; a ten minute hand reflexology treatment will provide the similar results in your love life. Buttocks, legs, feet, shoulders or a whole body treatment work too, just make sure to have some pleasant smelling lotion on hand to allow for smooth-flowing movement.

The only downfall to giving your partner a massage is if you automatically assume that a massage equals a request for sex. Your partner will pick up on these cues and may not get that warm, fuzzy feeling you were hoping for - instead thinking that in order to receive a massage, they need to allocate time for sex as in their love life well. Remove any other attachments to the massage, and just give your partner one because you know they'll love it. If anything else happens - great! But don't expect or require more than a smile and thank you.

Massage bars (as opposed to oil) are a lovely, inexpensive and unique way of giving a nice gift to your partner. Why not grab one or two to use over the coming months?

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